OCT 1-2 2024

Stephenville & Granbury



Learn of your local Community needs.
Help meet those needs.
Feel good you’ve made things better.
Give today.

There are many needs hiding in the dark in our local communities – they are often unknown or unacknowledged.

The needs still exist in midst of very generous people who are ready to give.

We are shining light on these needs and giving you an opportunity to make things better by your generosity.

Join us in meeting these needs before they turn into problems in the community.

100% of funds

You can feel good when you use your hard-earned money to bless your community.

• 100% of your funds stay local and will be used to benefit the community.

• All gifts are tax-deductible.

Our Mission

We know a few things:

• It’s hard to decide what charity to support.
• it’s frustrating when a large portion of your gifts is used for “operating costs” instead of the purpose you want.

We created this platform to connect you with a local need and give you a chance to bless, help, and love your community.

Serving Erath County and Beyond Since 2015

Get Involved.

We know you are generous and want to help but may be reluctant to give to a non-profit because of high administrative costs taken from each gift. Maybe you are not comfortable giving money for needs that exist somewhere across the world. We understand.

A gift to Blessed Communities, Inc. through this platform will allow you to choose the local need you are passionate about. No more guessing if your money was used like you hoped. No operating costs will be deducted from your gift. 100% of your money will be used to meet the need you want. You should feel good about this – we do!

Basic Needs met

$ Raised

The Plan


Choose a Need.

Look through the various fundraising efforts and needs. Choose one you feel passionate to help.

Donate today.

Click the donate button and complete the requested information.


Tell a Friend.

Let someone know of these needs and how they can help.

How You Can Get Involved

Look through the active fundraising efforts listed below and give today.


Fight against the Poverty hurting local Children.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

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Contact Us: 254.965.3185 micah@allenlawfirm.com

Connect with Us

Blessed Communities, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit inspired and created by The Allen Firm, PC. It has created 2 divisions to raise funds for local needs.

#blessed100 provides basic needs for local children.
Blessed Charities helps to fundraise for needs in the community.