The Cause that started it all

I think you are a Hero.  Why do I say that?

Because you have been so generous by your willingness to join the fight against poverty and helping all those local children living without basic needs.

Give any amount today and be a hero.

Will you support the fight again this year and show these kids the community loves them; cares for them; and they should not be embarrassed? With your gift we will share the Gospel to these kids, provide for their needs, and let them know they are loved and accepted.

Since 2015, people like you have helped #blessed100 buy shoes, pants, shirts, jackets, and Bibles for over 605 local children.

This year, we want to battle for the needs of 125+ kids located in Erath County, Texas and need $35,000 for this goal.

Please give $150 or more today!

Thank you for joining the fight and being a Hero. God bless you.

Give any amount today to join the fight.

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