Give families a second chance.


Victims of the Carbon Fire may never have a second chance at owning a home.

Together we can give them a fresh start on life.

Make an Impact


100% of all donations go to building a new home in Carbon, TX.  

Give Hope


Carbon is in our backyard. Let’s show our neighbors there’s still good in the world. 

Share Love


With your help, our neighbors will know they’re valued and supported, they’ll feel the love.

Here’s how you can help.

Choose a need


There are always needs that arise. Choose a need that stirs your heart.  

Grab a Friend


Everything’s more fun with a friend and resources go twice as far when joined together.

See Transformation


With a stronger sense of community, we’ll all feel supported, loved, and safe.

Tragedy can happen to any of us.

How great would it feel to know your community has your back?


  • Without support, needs go unmet.
  • Without support, families feel defeated and alone.
  • Without support, people lose hope.
At Blessed Communities, we’re your neighbors. We raise our families here and split our time between the grocery store and the ball fields. Just like you.


We’re a team of legal professionals who, over the years, have become embedded in the community. We’re aware of needs because we’re friends with the fire fighters, the school counselors, and the little league coaches.


Since we started Blessed Communities in 2015, we’ve helped meet over 470 specific needs of kids and families in our town. We’re doing what we say we’ll do.


Will you help us join the fight against poverty that’s destroying local families and stealing the future of local children?  Believe us when we say it feels good to know we’re making things better locally.

Many people want to help with community concerns, but don’t know how to get involved.

At Blessed Communities, we connect the dots to help make a local impact on local needs so our neighborhoods become stronger.